Elevate your vehicle’s interior with Lining Direct’s 4 Way Stretch Fabric.

Elevate your vehicle’s interior with Lining Direct’s 4 Way Stretch Fabric.

Explore the sophistication of Italian craftsmanship with Lining Direct's 4 way stretch fabric—your ultimate solution for van lining and campervan carpeting. Our superior lining boasts a rich heritage of quality, is made in Italy, and stands as the preeminent choice for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Unmatched quality and craftsmanship

We specialise in high-calibre van lining carpets designed to meet the multifaceted needs of your campervan or camper van carpeting project. The product's standout 260gr/mq carpet specification, ISO 8543 certification, and luxurious 3mm pile height exemplify unmatched quality and comfort. With a 100% PP pile composition, our lining assures resilience and longevity, complemented by a velour surface aspect that epitomises elegance.

Durability and Performance
We understand the importance of durability and performance, which is why our campervan carpet lining is crafted to exceed expectations with its 6 UNI EN ISO 105B02 light resistance rating, ensuring that your interiors remain pristine and well-protected against light exposure.


Key Features

  • Easy Installation: Our 4 way stretch fabric is a breeze to install, providing a seamless fit for every contour of your vehicle.
  • Premium Finish: Achieve an exceptional, professional-grade look with our van lining carpet, enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of your space.
  • Thermal and Light Protection: Benefit from the dual advantages of thermal insulation and superb light resistance, maintaining the comfort and integrity of your interiors.
  • Diverse Applications: Ideal for vans, motorhomes, boats, and more, our versatile carpet adapts to a myriad of lining needs.
  • Rich Colour Selection: Tailor your project with our array of colours, ensuring a perfect match for your design vision.


    Our products are versatile and suitable for various applications, including:
  • Camper Lining: Providing a comfortable and durable interior for your camper.
  • Motorhome Lining: Ensuring a luxurious feel and superior protection.
  • Boat Carpet Lining: Offering resilience against marine conditions.
  • Vehicle Carpet Lining: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of any vehicle.

Are you ready to transform your vehicle? Discover our range of high-calibre van lining carpets and experience the best carpet lining for vans and caravans with Lining Direct.

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