We are the UK’s largest importer and distributor of automotive trade carpets and lining materials, operating since 1967. With our unique history in the procurement and conversion of market-leading carpets and associated materials, we are proud to deliver the exceptional quality of our lining carpets to you. We are honored that our products are used by professionals, DIYers, and individuals to achieve their desired look.

We have seen a huge demand for our lining carpets from many businesses across the UK and that is how we run our business ever since. However, in recent years, we have acknowledged the growing online demand from our clients, consumers, enthusiast, and ‘How to’ activists. We see a great opportunity to work with you directly and build a long-term relationship throughout the coming years. We cannot wait for you to explore and learn on our website and welcome any feedback that can help us grow.

With continuous product development and our close relationships directly with the carpet mills, we are offering high-quality materials that can be used for many automotive vehicles such as camper vans, motor homes, ambulances, vans, cars, car boots, boats, trains, and many more.

We have an extensive range of materials for any skill level, from professionals, amateurs, and novices. So, anyone can do it! But in case you cannot find what you are looking for, please get in touch with us, so we can expand our range further.

All the best,

Lining Direct Team