Meet the team 🚀🔥

Meet the team 🚀🔥

Who are we❓🔍

Lining Direct is the UK’s largest importer and distributor of automotive trade carpets and lining materials, operating since 1967. With our unique history in the procurement and conversion of market-leading carpets and associated materials, we are proud to deliver the exceptional quality of our lining carpets to you. We are honored that our products are used by professionals, DIYers, and individuals to achieve their desired look. We have seen a huge demand for our lining carpets from many businesses across the UK. However, in recent years, we have acknowledged the growing online demand from our clients, consumers, enthusiasts, and ‘How to’ activists.

We see a great opportunity to work with you directly and build a long-term relationship during the forthcoming years. We cannot wait for you to explore and learn from our website and welcome any feedback that can help us grow.

What do we specialize in❓📢

Lining Direct pride itself on providing top-quality lining materials for cars, cabs, vans, manufacturing, and industrial environments. We also provide 4-way stretch, self-adhesive, van carpet lining bundle, veltrim, softrim, rubber matting flooring, and much more.

Meet the team…❇️✨

Say hello to Odette, Vanda, and Michael… our Lining Direct team working to produce the best content and services for all customers. As a team, they do a great job in managing the platform and meeting customer expectations, and working to ensure the customer journey is as simple, clear, and effective as possible. Throughout the working week, Odette, Vanda, and Michael have various meetings to encourage their creative juices, generate ideas on how we can improve the platform, make more sales and ultimately improve the customer experience.

E-Commerce Team Leader 👩💻🤝

Head of the platform we have Odette, working as E-Commerce Team Leader. Odette’s primary role is to oversee the work Vanda and Michael produce while offering advice and strategy to ensure we get the most out of Lining Direct, but also guaranteeing our customers do too. She works very closely with Vanda and Michael, overseeing and offering support to the pair, ensuring the content is of a high standard and that they are demonstrating the great products on offer in the most effective manner.

E-Commerce Sales Development Executive 👩🏻💻🤝

Vanda works as our E-Commerce Sales Development Executive. Vanda is new to the business and has made the role her own, implementing new marketing strategies and working hard to ensure the customer journey is as simple and as efficient as possible. Vanda’s role, in a nutshell, includes focusing on achieving sales targets, optimizing, running, monitoring Google Ads, and implementing marketing campaigns. A key task Vanda undertakes is ensuring she is up to date with the current E-Commerce trends and technologies, resulting in the modern and innovative appearance of Lining Direct. Vanda constantly works on the website content and identifies ways we can adapt the strategy when necessary to drive sales.

Digital Media Executive 👨💻🤝

Finally, we have Michael. Michael is Digital Media Executive for vGroup International, dedicating much of his time to producing the best content possible for Lining Direct. Working as our in-house photographer and videographer, his skills within these areas are ever-present in the content we produce on our website. Producing all content in-house is extremely useful as this minimizes the turnover time for any updated material the team requires. The group has regular meetings throughout the working week to identify exactly how we would like a product to be shot and edited.

As a team, Odette, Vanda, and Michael have worked very well together and will continue to do so in 2022. They look forward to regularly updating the platform and consistently improving the customer journey when using Lining Direct.

The Lining Direct team is extremely grateful for the hard work and many hours spent on the development of the platform from various team members working in the background and existing employees who have helped on the journey. They are also enormously thankful to various teams at vGroup International who have supported the journey from the ground up, enabling Lining Direct to be where it is today. Without the support of the Customer Service team the platform wouldn’t have survived – they are always on hand to answer any customer queries. Without the production team members, orders would not be going out of the door. A huge thank you to each member of staff who has helped in any form on this journey. 

📧 We love to hear from our customers. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to email:

We have more products and content coming soon… stay tuned.