Rubber love

Rubber love

Do you require a diverse lining material?

Lining Direct’s rubber range could be just what you are after, with four unique designs catering to diverse wants and needs. Lining Direct has four rubber patterns: Penny Coin, Single-Checker, Smooth Rubber, and Broad Ribbed. 

These lining materials are made from 100% natural rubber, with up to 70% of this being recycled. These lining materials are easy to clean, hardwearing, and durable and they provide comfort, prevent slipping and absorb impact, creating a great flooring option for various uses, including: 

· Cars, taxisvans 

· Garages 

· Footwells and walkways 

· Steps, pick-up, and van load beds 

· Stables 

· Gyms and leisure centers 

· Manufacturing and industrial environments 

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