Why To Use Fire-Resistant Polypropylene Carpet ?

Why To Use Fire-Resistant Polypropylene Carpet ?

When considering what lining carpets to use for vehicle and camper interiors, there are many different materials and products manufacturers have to choose from. Among the many solutions on the market, they must choose those that offer better safety. Fire-resistant lining carpets can help prevent the quick spread of flames in the event of a vehicle malfunction. Although lining carpet with fire-resistant features isn’t impervious to fire, it is not flammable. It can still char, but without causing the spread of fire and only after exposure to fire for a longer period. In theory, emergency personnel will have enough time to remove the vehicle’s passengers and quickly extinguish the fire.

Two of the most popular, and most effective, fire-resistant lining carpet products on the market today are Veltrim and Softrim, which are available in a wide range of styles and colors. Both are made entirely of polypropylene fiber that weighs around 500 grams for every square meter. High-quality Veltrim and Softrim products comply with all motor vehicle safety standards on the flammability of automotive materials.


Both Veltrim and Softrim lining carpets have identical purposes. They are used as interior trim for camper vans, boats, lorries, and passenger vehicles. These lining carpets are preferred by vehicle manufacturers because they are affordable, lightweight, and fire-resistant. They are also highly flexible and can stretch easily, allowing them to cover any surface of a vehicle’s interior. Both Veltrim and Softrim are sufficiently thin to be installed under rubber seals on windows, which makes them incredibly versatile.


Veltrim and Softrim lining carpets have many similarities. But, Veltrim has a soft velour finish, while Softrim has a ribbed finish. In commercial use, Softrim lining carpets are usually used for wall or roof lining and Veltrim is used for the floor area.

Why use Veltrim and Softrim?

So, with that in mind, why should we use Veltrim and Softrim? Polypropylene fiber doesn’t burn easily and it won’t cause a quick spread of flame. Because Veltrim and Softrim are impermeable to water, it will be easier to clean up spills. As mentioned above, Veltrim and Softrim are suitable as a decorative and protective materials for the interior of most vehicle types.

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