Veltrim Velour lining carpet
Veltrim Velour lining carpet for van motorhome campervan
Veltrim Velour lining carpet black
Veltrim Velour lining carpet burgundy
Veltrim Velour lining carpet graphite
Veltrim Velour lining carpet heather
Veltrim Velour lining carpet navy blue
Veltrim Velour lining carpet ocean
Veltrim Velour lining carpet sand
Veltrim Velour lining carpet silver
Veltrim Velour lining carpet smoke
Veltrim Velour lining carpet stone
Veltrim Velour lining carpet

Van Carpet Lining - Veltrim - Lining Carpet for Van Campervan Car Boat - 2m²

£12.50 £10.49

2m Wide Roll - Sold by Meter

Colour: (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Anthracite

(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Anthracite
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Black
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Burgundy
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Graphite
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Heather
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Navy blue
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Ocean
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Sand
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Silver
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Smoke
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Stone
(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Wheat

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Veltrim (velour) lining carpet with velvet effect was originally designed for professional use in commercial vehicles due to its durable and breathable qualities. The carpet is still stretchy and mouldable but not as flexible as our 4-way stretch van lining carpet. It is lightweight, non-woven, and easy to work as it curves, around wheel arches, windows, and door openings. 

Upgrade your vehicle's interior with Veltrim carpet lining and upholstery materials, perfect for adding style, durability, and easy maintenance to your van or VW campervan. Available in a range of colors and styles, including rubber mats and custom-fit seat upholstery, Veltrim is the perfect choice for any vehicle interior upgrade.


  • Made from a blend of high-quality polyester and polypropylene for exceptional durability
  • Resistant to stains and other types of damage, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Provides excellent sound insulation, reducing road noise and making your ride more comfortable
  • Available in a range of colors and styles to match any vehicle's interior, including rubber mats for van floors and custom-fit seat upholstery for van seats
  • Easy to cut to size and shape, making it perfect for customized installations, including van lining and mats for vans
  • Provides a high-quality finish that will enhance the look and feel of your vehicle's interior


  • Adds a touch of style and sophistication to your van or VW campervan's interior
  • Protects your vehicle's interior from wear and tear, preserving its value and longevity
  • Resistant to stains and spills, making it easy to keep your van or VW campervan's interior clean and fresh
  • Durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your vehicle's interior looks great for years to come
  • Provides excellent sound insulation, reducing road noise and making your ride more comfortable.

Whether you're looking for van lining, custom-fit seat upholstery, or rubber mats for your van or VW campervan, Veltrim has you covered. Shop our range of high-quality automotive carpet materials today and upgrade your vehicle's interior with the best in the business.


Safety approved. Our lining carpet met the regulations ECE 118 Part 1.

Additional Information

(L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Anthracite, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Black, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Burgundy, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Graphite, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Heather, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Navy blue, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Ocean, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Sand, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Silver, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Smoke, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Stone, (L1m x W2m) - 2m² - Wheat